Welcome to the EUPT-Registration website.

EUPTs for Pesticide Residues
According to legislation 396/2005/EC, all laboratories analyzing samples within the framework of official controls on pesticide residues shall participate in European Union Proficiency Tests (EUPTs) for pesticide residues. The EUPTs are organized on behalf of the European Commission (DG-SANTE) by the four EURLs responsible for pesticide residues in food and feed.
General information and procedures valid for all EUPTs can be found in the EUPT General Protocol: LINK to EUPT-General Protocols.
Detailed information for specific EUPTs are published at the EURL Portal Website: LINK to EURL Portal Website.

Legal Obligation of NRLs and OfLs to Participate in EUPTs
The EUPTs are directed to all National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) and all Official Laboratories (OfLs) in the EU Member States. NRLs operating in the same area as the organizing EURL, as well as OfLs whose scope overlaps with that of the EUPT, are legally obliged to participate in EUPTs. The legal obligation of NRLs and OfLs to participate in EUPTs arises from:

Laboratories outside this EURL/NRL/OfL-Network may be allowed to participate on a case-by-case basis after consultation with DG-SANTE.

Registration to EUPTs
This website has been created by the EURLs for Residues of Pesticides and is intended for the registration to EUPTs.